On the day after the killing

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buy canada goose jacket Robert Thompson accepted his remorse would never be considered genuine by James’ parents. And James’ dad Ralph last night said: « I will never accept that either of these two is sorry for what they done. »Thompson also admitted his time in a detention centre had given him a « better life and a better education » than he would otherwise have had.He made his comments when he applied for parole in 2001, eight years after he and Jon Venables were locked up for murdering two year old James, canada goose outlet in vancouver who the 10 year olds had abducted from a shopping mall.Referring to the CCTV images of James being led away, Thompson said: « I very much regret that I did nothing to stop it at this time and the sight of those photographs fills me with shame and revulsion. »James Bulger documentary to reveal ‘startling fresh evidence’ 25 years after child murderHe added: « I am deeply ashamed of what I did, and of having played a part in this horrible murder. »Details of his parole statement are revealed for the first time in Channel 5 documentary, James Bulger: The New Revelations tonight.Thompson explained how James was abducted from the shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside, and then led almost three miles to his death on a railway line. Thompson, now 36, who was later freed under a new identity, claimed when he and Venables left the centre, he « became aware canada goose outlet near me Jon Venables had a little boy with him ».He goes on to describe the killing before adding: « We left James Bulger lying on the railway. »Jon Venables and I did not speak to each at all, in so far as I remember, during the attack buy canada goose jacket.

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